Truth or Bare: Betty the Babe

From The Golden Girls to Hot In Cleveland, Betty White has made you laugh for years. You know she’s hilarious, but did you know that in her day, Betty was a babe? And respected as she is, Ms. White has a wild side. This week, we here at Exercise Buff want you to channel your inner funny AND your inner feisty— in short, Bare your Betty.

TRUTH: When Betty quipped, “Why do people say ‘Grow some balls?’ Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things take a pounding,” she was questioning our notions of strength and weakness.

BARE: This week, take a look at what some might consider your greatest weaknesses. Do you have a fondness for double chocolate cake that makes dieting so hard? Well, try turning that perspective on its ass. Loving chocolate cake doesn’t make you a glutton, it makes you a connoisseur. So why not take it easy on the cake and explore the tastes of healthier desserts like strawberries and cream or sugar-free peach cobbler.

TRUTH: She maintains a healthy perspective on getting older. Betty wrote in her 2011 memoir If You Ask Me that old age “isn’t a surprise, we knew it was coming…If you are still functioning and not in pain, gratitude should be the name of the game.”

BARE: This week, show some healthy gratitude for every line around your mouth and wrinkle around your eye. They’re the products of all the laughs and all the smiles you’ve ever had. When was the last time you laughed until your side hurt? What act of kindness was it that earned someone the thrill of your smile? Look at those beautiful lines and remember the all jokes and grace that life has offered you.

TRUTH: In 2011, nude pictures from Betty’s youth surfaced on the Internet. However, when an interviewer broke the news to her, she simply started laughing.

BARE: Set aside at least five minutes of alone time this week. Think about some of your most ridiculous, misinformed, and juvenile exploits. Picture them clearly and as you do, let go of all the judgment and the shame. Let go of the urge to be perfect. Stand there naked (figuratively or literally) and unashamed. Dare to Bare your inner Betty… and LAUGH.

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