Naked for a Cause

naked1000x457Well, it’s finally here: the South African 2015 Rangers for Rhino’s calendar! All proceeds go to numerous organizations fighting the country’s rampant rhinoceros poaching. We know that you XBuffs are just as wild about preserving wildlife as we are…or at least you will be once you see the calendar.

Photographer and former supermodel Josie Boran created the Rangers for rhino’s calendar series, which features quite a few South African game rangers willing to do whatever it takes to expose this worthy cause.

Drop us a line here at and lets us know what you think…or better yet, send us some of your buffest naked-for-a-cause pics.

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Peak PerformanceUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you’ve probably heard or Bulletproof Coffee. Internet entrepreneur and “bio-hacker” Dave Asprey paired organically grown coffee with grassfed butter—and the resulting frothy offspring has spawned a diet craze that has achieved near-cultic status among its devotees.

But there’s more to THE BULLETPROOF DIET, Asprey’s recently released diet/cookbook, than just buttered java. So, here are five quick bulletpoints to help you go Bulletproof and get buff:

FAT is your friend
Despite popular belief, Asprey argues that a primary reason that many people are overweight is because they are not eating the proper amounts (and kinds) of healthy fat. Dietary fat contains the most energy and burns “cleanest” of all macronutrients, making it vital for weight control and optimal brain performance. On top of making sure to add healthy fats like grass-fed butter and coconut (or its more refined cousin, MCT) oil to your morning java, make sure that fat makes up 50-70% of your daily calories.

Vary and VEG-out
When going Bulletproof, you want to eat a wide assortment of vegetables like celery, zucchini and asparagus. Because vegetables are so low in calories, you get to feast on them but they’ll only comprise 10-20% of your daily calories. (Just make sure to cook veggies like kale, bok choy and broccoli to get rid of their toxic oxalic acid.)

PROTEIN, Sparingly
According to Asprey, protein is a complicated nutrient: it’s vital to maintain healthy bone density and muscle mass, but in too-high doses it can cause inflammation. Optimal protein levels vary by age, gender and level of fitness, but roughly 20% of your daily calories will come from protein. Just make sure they’re bulletproof proteins like grass-fed beef, pastured eggs and wild- caught seafood.

FRUIT is the Finishing Touch
Fruits are a touchy subject when going Bulletproof, because sugar can be a volatile nutrient. While many fruits contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants necessary for healthy human function, Asprey claims that even low levels of fructose (the sugar found in fruit) can adversely affect the body. It can spike insulin levels, turn off the part of our brain that makes us feel “full,” and spur unhealthy repeat cravings when blood sugar levels fall. Thus, Asprey recommends having no more than 1-2 servings of fruits like blueberries, pineapple and tangerines; additionally, eat them later in the evening, when the resulting fall in blood sugar can actually help you sleep better.

Steer Clear of ‘Kryptonite’
Harmful compounds called antinutrients can be found in low levels in almost all foods. Regular intake of these antinutrients can lead to chronic inflammation, inhibit proper hormone function and even cause weight gain. Thus, Asprey strongly cautions against excessive intake of certain “healthy” foods like raw kale, beans and nuts, due to their heavy antinutrient load.

We realize all bodies are unique, so please consult with your physician before making any dietary or lifestyle changes.

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Nudify Your Life

nudifierIt’s the age-old problem: you want to be cool and snap some naked photos of yourself like all your friends, but you don’t want to take the chance that they’ll be hacked! Well, why not hussle on over to your local App store, and check out Nüdifier to nudify yourself!

For a mere $.99 you can transform even the most innocent pic into as naughty a selfie as you dare. And the best part is, you never have to worry about these pics getting out and ruining your hopes for that career in politics.

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Truth or Bare: The Multi Orgasmic Man

Orgasmic ManIt’s not a myth! It is possible for men to experience multiple orgasms. However, they have to train their bodies to experience an orgasm without the ejaculation. That’s right, orgasm and ejaculation are two different events!

The most important step to preventing ejaculation is to train your PC (pubococcygeus muscle) muscles. The PC muscles are the ones you squeeze when you want to stop the flow of urine in midstream. Teach yourself to ‘kegel.’ Kegel exercises consist of repeatedly contracting and releasing those PC muscles. Start off by doing three sets of twenty kegels, twice a day. Eventually, you’ll work your way up to sets of ten. You can strengthen your PCs with regular exercise—and it takes strong PCs if you want to ride the multiple-orgasm train.

It’s easier to learn to become multi-orgasmic alone at first than to try learning with a partner. Make yourself comfortable, and masturbate as usual. As you reach the “point of no return” just before climax, stop stroking and squeeze those PC muscles to decrease your sexual stimulation. You’re still going to experience an orgasm, but by squeezing, you stop your body from releasing any fluid. It takes practice to get the timing just right, but keep at it. Remember: if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

Once you’ve polished your skills at multiple-orgasm alone, share your experience with your significant other. Be open and honest. Together with your partner, explore your sexual awareness. What parts of your body are most easily aroused? Your neck? Your nipples? The backs of your knees?

Dare to explore your sexuality this week. In fact, dare to explore it again and again and again!

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Naked Cocktails

cocktailsMixology is modern day alchemy, and it’s all about experimenting with flavors you love to create daring and original alcoholic drinks. Unleash your inner cocktail chemist, and try out these interesting little potions we dreamed up:
If you like sweet drinks, you need to master the simple syrup.

Simple Syrup

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • Infusion of your choice (herbal, citrus, spice, etc.)

Simple Syrup is a drink sweetener created by mixing equal parts of sugar with water. Because sugar will not fully dissolve in its equal part of water at room temperature, you need to heat the mixture on the stove slightly to dissolve the sugar into the water. Once the concoction is liquefied, it is ready to be flavored by adding an infusion or even fresh juice.

The Down and Dirty

  • 1 oz. of bourbon
  • 1 oz. of simple syrup
  • Juice of one-half a lemon
  • 2 oz. of ginger bear

Add a splash of fresh lemon or lime to simple syrup. Mix two parts of this syrup to 1 part of your favorite bourbon and then a dash of ginger beer to the mixture, shake well with ice and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a skewer of lemon twist and candied ginger and you have created a masterpiece of flavor and fun that is sure to seduce the one you desire.

The Naked Cocktail

  • 1 1/2 oz. of vodka infused with melon and cucumber
  • 3 oz. seltzer
  • Garnish with a basil sprig and cucumber round
  • Serve in an old fashion glass with ice

Infuse vodka with melon and cucumber. Add two parts of seltzer with it and garnish with a basil sprig and cucumber disk. You now have an elixir that will fix her—or him.

Take your time; it’s all about having fun and transforming mundane flavors into magnificent ones. Happy Experimenting. Cheers!

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The Naked Mile

I’ll pretty much try anything with the word naked in the title. So when a buddy of mine suggested running a ‘naked mile,’ I figured why not and started to drop trow. Luckily, he explained that by naked he meant ‘barefoot’ before I made it to my boxers.

Barefoot running is simply running without shoes (or with thinly-soled shoes). BR enthusiasts taut the benefits of the free-footed run, chief among them that it corrects running form by encouraging a ‘proper’ forefoot strike. However, critics are quick to note that studies on the sport are inconclusive, and that it poses too great a risk of puncture wounds, injury and infection.

Beginning barefoot runners should make sure to:

  • Go slowly. Before you hit the road, start off running on soft and safe surfaces– on an indoor track, a treadmill, or a sandy beach.
  • Try intervals. Incorporate short intervals into your workout routine at the beginning between 5-15 minutes.
  • Keep watch. Make sure to watch your running form to avoid injuries—and stepping on dog poop.

Running a ‘naked mile’ turned out to be a liberating experience, but in the end I wasn’t as much of an exhibitionism as I thought. I kept my socks on.

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Truth or Bare: Betty the Babe

From The Golden Girls to Hot In Cleveland, Betty White has made you laugh for years. You know she’s hilarious, but did you know that in her day, Betty was a babe? And respected as she is, Ms. White has a wild side. This week, we here at Exercise Buff want you to channel your inner funny AND your inner feisty— in short, Bare your Betty.

TRUTH: When Betty quipped, “Why do people say ‘Grow some balls?’ Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things take a pounding,” she was questioning our notions of strength and weakness.

BARE: This week, take a look at what some might consider your greatest weaknesses. Do you have a fondness for double chocolate cake that makes dieting so hard? Well, try turning that perspective on its ass. Loving chocolate cake doesn’t make you a glutton, it makes you a connoisseur. So why not take it easy on the cake and explore the tastes of healthier desserts like strawberries and cream or sugar-free peach cobbler.

TRUTH: She maintains a healthy perspective on getting older. Betty wrote in her 2011 memoir If You Ask Me that old age “isn’t a surprise, we knew it was coming…If you are still functioning and not in pain, gratitude should be the name of the game.”

BARE: This week, show some healthy gratitude for every line around your mouth and wrinkle around your eye. They’re the products of all the laughs and all the smiles you’ve ever had. When was the last time you laughed until your side hurt? What act of kindness was it that earned someone the thrill of your smile? Look at those beautiful lines and remember the all jokes and grace that life has offered you.

TRUTH: In 2011, nude pictures from Betty’s youth surfaced on the Internet. However, when an interviewer broke the news to her, she simply started laughing.

BARE: Set aside at least five minutes of alone time this week. Think about some of your most ridiculous, misinformed, and juvenile exploits. Picture them clearly and as you do, let go of all the judgment and the shame. Let go of the urge to be perfect. Stand there naked (figuratively or literally) and unashamed. Dare to Bare your inner Betty… and LAUGH.

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Super Sexy Shrooms

Cordyceps isn’t the sexiest mushroom-shaped object we can think of, but it still pack one helluva punch. In fact, as one of the most powerful and overlooked supplements on the market today, it’ll keep you fit, looking good, and primed to have the best sex of your life.

In a double-blind study, Cordyceps radically strengthened the body’s ability to absorb oxygen by almost 50%.

By stimulating the body’s production of glutathione and other natural antioxidants, Cordyceps is proven to enhance the tone and texture of the skin.

Cordyceps’ nutrients have been shown to inhibit the growth and spread of cancer as well as to boost the body’s immune system.

The cordycepic acid in Cordyceps has the ability to increase energy and prevent exercise-related fatigue.

Cordyceps boost libido in both men and women, encourages the release of testosterone, increases blood circulation, and improves fertility.

But don’t take our word for it—feel free to drop us a line here at and let us know what you think.

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Truth or Bare: Uncovering the Geisha Within

Most of us in the Western world imagine the Geisha to be a servant, a femme fatale, or even a sex worker. But you might be surprised to learn that the geishas of ancient Japan are closer to performing artists than prostitutes. The centuries-old tradition of the Geisha requires years of training to perfect the arts of dancing, tea service and, of course, seduction.

TRUTH: The traditional white make-up and crimson red lips were a trademark of the Geisha, and came to be seen as an exotic, chic look for its time.

BARE: This week, enjoy the ritual of grooming yourself. If you use make-up, enjoy the act of applying it. If you use lotion, put it on with care. The act of grooming is a form of courtship. So court yourself with a deep sense of reverence and gratitude for your body.

TRUTH: Early Geishas devised erotic dances to entice their male suitors.

BARE: The modern-day equivalent of this includes pole dancing, belly dancing, and salsa. Why not swing by a dance class at your gym? Or better yet, pick up a DVD and have some fun in the comfort, and privacy, of your own home.

TRUTH: At the height of the Geisha’s popularity, contact between the sexes was limited, so men often wrote beautiful poems, known as waka, to woo these alluring women.

BARE: Keep your eye out for poetry that arouses and inspires you. You can swing by your local library, bookstore, or even surf the web. Perhaps the beautiful lines of Pablo Neruda or the sacred verses of Rumi excite you. Go one step further: read them out loud, to yourself. Don’t be afraid to speak with confidence.

Dare to bare yourself for the relationship that is most important to your life—the one with yourself.

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Itchy Balls

So the world of male grooming products has exploded over the last two decades. From moisturizing shave gels to body washes stamped with manly scents, you can order just about anything online these days. But nothing tops the number of newly released products specifically designed for the maintenance and upkeep of a man’s crotch.

Itchy Balls Hot Pepper Jock Spray ($13.99, Don’t get turned off by the funny name. Itchy Balls a proprietary formula of herbal extracts like green tea and hot peppers to neutralize jock itch and irritation.

Dude Wipes ($9.99, Dude Products invites you guys to discover the new art of wiping. Dude Wipes are the first flushable wet wipes made strictly for men. Infused with Vitamin E and Aloe, they can also be used on your face, hands, and armpits as well as your ‘dude regions.’

So Fresh, So Dry ($21.49,, So Fresh is made and districted by Las Vegas-based company aptly named Fresh Balls. Free of aluminum, parabens, and talc, So Fresh employs tea tree oil and oatmeal to prevent the chafing, sweating and “batwings” that guys are prone to.

No matter what trouble your privates get into, these products are guaranteed to deliver relief! And don’t forget to hit us up here at with your feedback.

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